Agricultural Management 

ARBALLON's solution for your industry. 

An efficient and highly-monitored agricultural management is possible from the core of the ERP. Beginning with a strict Agricultural Planning, Arballon starts from identifying fields, farms, crop sections and crop lots, and managing the tasks performed on each of them, identifying inputs, personnel and machinery, integrated with Stock and Human Resources Solutions, resulting in direct and indirect costs through harvest and electronic IoT controls.

Why Should You Use Arballon Business Software- Agricultural Management? 

It manages the tasks performed on each of them, identifying inputs, personnel and machinery integrated with the Stock and Human Resources Solutions

It enables the full traceability of products, with multiple drill-down levels. By identifying items of inputs and products, it allows following up production.

Quality analyses that may be configured according to the needs may be performed at any time. All the information entered into Arballon is used by other management areas of the company and is linked to the traceability of the inputs and products involved

Arballon's powerful cost system considers direct and indirect costs obtaining marginal contribution to later compare them with other harvests or standards.

“Arballon Business Software is a platform thought to integrate all your company's areas into a full, reliable and secured solution that offers a powerful combination of functionality, open IT platforms, growth potential and capacity for adaptation.”

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